Our Narrative Medicine Initiative is designed to cultivate intellectual and emotional wellness through interaction with literature and the arts. For more information, please see our page dedicated to the annual Narrative Medicine Symposium.

However, intellectual wellness goes beyond professional academic activities to involve the whole self in creative endeavors, cultural pursuits and community activities, particularly those beyond the workplace. Learning new skills and acquiring diverse types of knowledge can help to balance your lifestyle and provide the mental refreshment that fosters well-being and sparks innovation.

At BWH, we encourage our faculty and staff to engage in aesthetic and intellectual pursuits here in Boston and the surrounding areas. We are fortunate to be situated in a city possessing rich literary and historical traditions, a vibrant arts and theater scene, world-renowned musical talent and (of course) cutting edge scientific research and medical innovation.

Embark on your journey of holistic wellness as you explore new intellectual opportunities beyond those offered within our immediate professional environment. Here are some ideas to get you started:


The initiative is designed to enhance physician wellness and cultivate narrative communication skills as a framework for care, helping medical providers to engage more empathetically and collaboratively with patients, colleagues and the broader medical community.


This curriculum is designed to be easily customized for groups and individuals looking to engage with stories on a variety of themes that are particularly relevant to the medical field.