Financial Wellness Series

credit reports
& credit scores

This event has passed. Thank you for your participation and see you at our next event!

This program will help you find out how information in your credit report affects credit terms and interest rates. Enhance your overall financial wellness by learning how to manage your personal credit scores. In this timely seminar, Matthew Paradise, Education and Development Team Lead and Trainer for American Consumer Credit Counseling, will provide practical information and answer questions in regards to understanding credit reports and credit scores.

social security: everything you wanted to know

Learn how to set up and use my Social Security online portal. You can go to to create a my Social Security account and print out your Social Security Statement before attending the workshop.

Financial Wellness: Your Financial Roadmap

Ever wish your money came with instructions? Well, now it does! Join us and learn how to be a college savvy parent to help ensure that you get the most financial aid possible, how to best tackle your student loans and how to pivot with interest rates on the rise. Learn advanced strategies that most people are unaware of to maximize your future social security monthly benefit and avoid common investing pitfalls in your retirement account. You won’t want to miss these tips and tricks.