Emotional wellness is an integral component of holistic well-being. This aspect of wellness involves being perceptive towards one’s sense of self-esteem (which can fluctuate depending on circumstances) and state of resiliency (which may require special attention during periods of trauma, grief and loss). It is characterized by a willingness to accept and appreciate a full spectrum of feelings – joyful, painful and everything in between – and to process these as a means of cultivating a healthy sense of self-awareness and perception in the emotional realm.

Achieving emotional wellness can be difficult in our frenetically-paced world. In particular, the conflicting demands of career and personal life sometimes coincide, threatening to instigate a downward spiral towards professional burnout and fractured relationships. Although such repercussions are widespread, they are not inevitable. Click on the photos below to explore information, tools and resources for avoiding burnout and cultivating meaningful relationships.


What is burnout, and how can you assess whether you might be experiencing symptoms of it?


You can find useful resources for helping to ensure that your own relationships, and those of your loved ones

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